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Species List for Subfamily: Pagodulinae
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Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > Caenogastropoda (Subclass) > Neogastropoda (Order) > Muricoidea (Superfamily) > Muricidae (Family) > Pagodulinae (Subfamily)
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  • Subfamily: Pagodulinae

  • Axymene aucklandicus (E.A. Smith, 1902)
    Height 13mm, Width 6.5mm, Marine, Endemic
    Cook Strait to Stewart Island. Snares, Bounty, Campbell and Auckland Islands CFAnE.
  • Axymene traversi (Hutton, 1873)
    Height 19mm, Width 9mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands, littoral to shallow subtidal. More common in north ACFME.
  • Comptella coronata Dell, 1956
    Height 5.5mm, Width 2.2mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island. Off Mernoo Bank to Chatham Islands CME.
  • Comptella curta (R. Murdoch, 1905)
    Height 7mm, Width 3mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island. Off Taiaroa Head, Otago, to Stewart Island. Snares, Campbell and Auckland Islands FAnE.
  • Comptella devia (Suter, 1908)
    Height 7mm, Width 3mm, Marine, Endemic
    Snares Islands AnE.
  • Enixotrophon carduelis (R.B. Watson, 1882)
    Height 40mm, Width 25mm, Marine
    New South Wales, southern Lord Howe Rise, West Norfolk Ridge, Kermadec Ridge, and off north-eastern North Island, 320-1216 metres KAC
  • Enixotrophon eos (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 45mm, Width 23mm, Marine, Endemic
    South-eastern North Island, south-eastern South Island and Chatham Rise, 1100-2130 metres CFME.
  • Enixotrophon eumorphus B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011
    Height 24.6mm, Marine
    Macquarie Ridge, 460-470 metres An
  • Enixotrophon hastulus (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 53.4mm, Marine, Endemic
    Chatham Rise, 1000-1010 metres ME.
  • Enixotrophon latus (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 55mm, Width 32mm, Marine
    Eastern Australia, Lord Howe Rise, Kermadec Ridge, Chatham Rise, and off North Island and north-eastern and western South Island, 384-1395 meters KACFM
  • Enixotrophon macquariensis (Powell, 1957)
    Height 22mm, Width 10.5mm, Marine, Endemic
    Macquarie Ridge, 69-810 metres AnE.
  • Enixotrophon maxwelli (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 53mm, Width 22mm, Marine, Endemic
    West Norfolk Ridge, W of Cape Reinga, Challenger Plateau, off North and South Islands, Chatham Rise, Bounty Trough, 867-2677 metres CFME.
  • Enixotrophon obtusus (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 29mm, Marine
    Fiji, West Norfolk Ridge, Southern Norfolk Ridge, Three Kings Rise, Kermadec Ridge, and off northern and eastern North Island, 741-1385 metres KAC
  • Enixotrophon occiduus (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 26mm, Width 11mm, Marine, Endemic
    West Norfolk Ridge, 950-987 metres AE.
  • Enixotrophon pygmaeus (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 13mm, Marine
    Lord Howe Rise and Challenger Plateau, 1029-1186 metres C
  • Enixotrophon tangaroa (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 37mm, Marine, Endemic
    North-eastern South Island and Chatham Rise, 880-2155 metres CME.
  • Enixotrophon venustus (B.A. Marshall & Houart, 2011)
    Height 55mm, Width 21mm, Marine
    Tasmania, West Norfolk Ridge S of Norfolk Island, Kermadec Ridge, and off northern and eastern North Island, Hikurangi Trench and Chatham Rise, 850-1239 metres KACMAn
  • Enixotrophon veronicae (Pastorino, 1999)
    Height 52mm, Width 22mm, Marine
    Southern Chile, Strait of Magellan, South Georgia, Tasmania and Bollons Plateau, southern New Zealand, 298-1281 metres An
  • Lenitrophon convexus (Suter, 1909)
    Height 9mm, Width 4.5mm, Marine, Endemic
    Southern South Island. Stewart, Snares and Chatham Islands FMAnE.
  • Paratrophon cheesemani (Hutton, 1882)
    Height 19mm, Width 11mm, Marine, Endemic
    North Island west coast, from Ninety Mile Beach to Kawhia ACE.
  • Paratrophon cheesemani exsculptus Powell, 1933
    Height 20mm, Width 12mm, Marine, Endemic
    West Coast North and South Islands from Port Waikato to Jackson Bay, south of Haast CFE.
  • Paratrophon patens (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1854)
    Height 24mm, Width 15mm, Marine, Endemic, Lamellose within the grooves
    South Island and Stewart Island. On exposed rocky shores CFE.
  • Paratrophon quoyi (Reeve, 1846)
    Height 35mm, Width 18mm, Marine, Endemic
    North Island. From low tide, often around Corallina seaweed ACE.
  • Poirieria kopua Dell, 1956
    Height 21mm, Width 15mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Bay of Plenty southwards and Chatham Rise. Trawled around 500-1000 metres CFME.
  • Poirieria syrinx B.A. Marshall & Houart, 1995
    Height 26mm, Width 24mm, Marine, Endemic
    Northland to Bay of Plenty, and Cook Strait, 482-786 metres on mud ACE.
  • Poirieria zelandica (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
    Height 79mm, Width 86mm, Spiny Murex, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands to Stewart Island, Challenger Plateau and Chatham Islands, 0-540 metres ACFME.
  • Terefundus anomalus Dell, 1956
    Height 3.6mm, Width 2.1mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island. Off Eastern Otago and Chatham Islands FME.
  • Terefundus axirugosus Dell, 1956
    Height 5mm, Width 2.7mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island. Off eastern Otago and Chatham Islands FME.
  • Terefundus crispulatus (Suter, 1908)
    Height 4mm, Width 1.9mm, Marine, Endemic
    Lower South Island. Stewart Chathams and Snares Islands FMAnE.
  • Terefundus cuvierensis (Mestayer, 1919)
    Height 4.5mm, Width 2mm, Marine, Endemic
    Northland to Bay of Plenty, trawled AE.
  • Terefundus quadricinctus (Suter, 1908)
    Height 4.4mm, Width 2.1mm, Marine, Recent, Fossil, Endemic
    South Island, from Otago south, and Snares Islands FAnR.Fo.E.
  • Terefundus quadricinctus unicarinatus Dell, 1956
    Height 4.3mm, Width 2.3mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Chatham Islands ME.
  • Trophonella longstaffi (E.A.Smith, 1907)
    Height 35mm, Marine
    Antarctica An
  • Xymene huttonii (Murdoch, 1900)
    Height 16mm, Width 7mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South and Stewart Island ACFE.
  • Xymene plebeius (Hutton, 1873)
    Height 22mm, Width 11mm, Marine, Endemic, In harbours and estuaries
    North, South and Stewart Island ACFE.
  • Xymene pumilus (Suter, 1909)
    Height 22mm, Width 11mm, Marine, Endemic
    From Cape Campbell to Stewart Island, and Auckland Islands. Sublittoral to about 550 metres CFAnE.
  • Xymene teres (Finlay, 1930)
    Height 6mm, Width 3.3mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island, off Taiaroa Head, Otago, 90 metres FE.
  • Xymene warreni Ponder, 1972
    Height 20mm, Width 11mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island West Coast CE.
  • Xymenella pusilla (Suter, 1907)
    Height 10mm, 5mm, Marine, Endemic
    North Island and east coast of South Island to Stewart Island ACFE.
  • Zeatrophon ambiguus (Philippi, 1844)
    Height 64mm, Width 38mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. From low tide to about 50 fathoms ACFME.
  • Zeatrophon mortenseni (Odhner, 1924)
    Height 15mm, Width 6.5mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Auckland Islands, intertidal to about 10 metres AnE.
  • Zeatrophon mortenseni caudatinus (Finlay, 1930)
    Height 23mm, Width 10mm, Marine, Endemic
    Northland to Stewart Island and Chatham Islands. From 20-200 metres ACFME.
  • Zeatrophon pulcherrimus Finlay, 1930
    Height 18mm, Width 7mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. From 15-600 metres ACFME.
Key to Geographical Ranges
NZ Map showing Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approximation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
Fw =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
R =
Sf =
Fo =