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Species List for Family: Calliostomatidae
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Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > Vetigastropoda (Subclass) > Trochida (Order) > Trochoidea (Superfamily) > Calliostomatidae (Family)
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  • Family: Calliostomatidae

  • Bathyfautor rapuhia B.A. Marshall, 1995
    Width 17mm, Height 22mm, Marine
    Three Kings Rise, 780-790 metres. Wanganella Bank, southern Norfolk Ridge, 660-790 metres A
  • Calliostoma peregrinum B.A. Marshall, 1995
    Width 19mm, Height 27mm, Marine
    Northern Three Kings Rise, 841 metres. South of Loyalty Islands, 233-340 metres A
  • Calliostoma xanthos B.A. Marshall, 1995
    Width 15mm, Height 19mm, Marine
    Kermadec Islands, 390-490 metres. Off Loyalty Islands, 425 metres K
  • Fautor consorbrinus Powell, 1958
    Height 7.15mm, Width 4.95mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Kermadec Islands, 22-219 metres KE.
  • Maurea alertae (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Width 25mm, Height 28mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Northland to Bay of Plenty, Chatham Rise, Bounty Plateau and Auckland Islands. Trawled from around 280-850 metres ACFMAnE.
  • Maurea antipodensis (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Length 37mm, Height 34mm, Marine, Endemic
    Bounty Platform, off Antipodes Islands, 18-103 metres AnE.
  • Maurea aupouriana (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Height 8.6mm, Width 6.5mm, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands, Mayor Island, East Cape, 102-128 metres AE.
  • Maurea benthicola (Dell, 1950)
    Width 22mm, Height 21mm, Marine, Endemic
    Chatham Rise, South Island CE.
  • Maurea blacki (Powell, 1950)
    Height 50mm, Width 50mm, Marine, Endemic
    South Island, off Eastern Otago CFMAnE.
  • Maurea eltanini (Dell, 1990)
    Height 33.8mm, Width 32.9mm, Marine
    Eltanin Fracture Zone (mid-South Pacific), Chatham Rise, Bollons Seamount (S of Chatham Islands), and southern Tasmania, 890-1450 metres M
  • Maurea eminens B.A. Marshall, 1995
    Height 51mm, Width 45mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Antipodes Islands, 13-123 metres AnE.
  • Maurea foveauxana (Dell, 1950)
    Height 65mm, Width 60mm, Marine, Endemic
    South-eastern South Island, Stewart Island and the Snares, 73-549 metres FE.
  • Maurea gibbsorum (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Height 16mm, Width 12mm, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands, 30-102 metres AE.
  • Maurea granti B.A. Marshall, 1995
    Height 45mm, Width 42mm, Marine, Endemic
    North Island, south of East Cape, South, Stewart Snares, Auckland, Campbell and Chatham Islands CFMAnE.
  • Maurea jamiesoni (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Height 33mm, Width 30mm, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands, northern NZ, 5-128 metres AE.
  • Maurea maui (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Width 45mm, Height 42mm, Marine, Endemic
    Cook Strait, NE South Island, Chatham Rise, 140-490 metres CME.
  • Maurea megaloprepes Tomlin, 1948
    Height 38mm, Width 42mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Macquarie Island, 80-120 metres AnE.
  • Maurea osbornei Powell, 1926
    Height 37mm, Width 28mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Three Kings Islands and the upper North Island down to Kapiti Island and Mahia ACE.
  • Maurea pellucida (Valenciennes, 1846)
    Height 48mm, Width 44mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South and Stewart Islands, 0-187 metres ACFE.
  • Maurea penniketi (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Height 57mm, Width 53mm, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands and Ranfurly Bank, East Cape. 55-622 metres AE.
  • Maurea punctulata (Martyn, 1784)
    Height 48mm, Width 44mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South and Stewart Island ACFE.
  • Maurea regalis (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Height 12.6mm, Width 9.3mm, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands, 53-805 metres AE.
  • Maurea selecta (Dillwyn, 1817)
    Width 67mm, Height 53mm, Pale Tiger Shell, Marine, Endemic
    North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. 0-293 metres ACFME.
  • Maurea simulans (B.A. Marshall, 1994)
    Height 61mm, Width 58mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off New Plymouth, off Cape Palliser south to Banks Peninsula, Chatham Rise, and off Bounty and Campbell Islands. Challenger Plateau, Cook Str, Banks Pen, Campbell Plateau, Chatham Rise, 183-410 metres CFMAnE.
  • Maurea spectabilis (A. Adams, 1855)
    Height 56mm, Width 47mm, Marine, Endemic
    Auckland and Campbell Islands. 0-146 metres AnE.
  • Maurea tigris (Gmelin, 1791)
    Height 104mm, Width 97mm, Tiger Shell, Marine, Endemic
    Three Kings Islands, North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands ACFME.
  • Maurea turnerarum Powell, 1964
    Width 80mm, Height 58mm, Marine, Endemic
    North Island, deep water AE.
  • Maurea waikanae (W.R.B. Oliver, 1926)
    Width 57mm, Height 49mm, Marine, Endemic
    North, South and Chatham Islands ACFME.
  • Tristichotrochus gendalli (B.A. Marshall, 1979)
    Height 17mm, Diameter 15mm, Marine, Endemic
    Kermadecs, 366-402 metres KE.
  • Tristichotrochus tosaensis Kuroda & Habe, 1961
    Width 21mm, Height 23mm, Marine
    Southern Japan, Philippine Islands, Chesterfield Islands, Loyalty Ridge, Kermadec Islands. 100-501 metres K
  • Venustatrochus eclectus B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Width 24.1mm, Height 23.7mm, Marine
    Kermadec Ridge, Three Kings Rise, Reinga Ridge, Aotea Seamount, southeast North Island, Chatham Rise, Louisville Ridge and Macquarie Ridge, 750-1287 metres KA
  • Venustatrochus galateae B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Height 29mm, Diameter 28mm, Marine
    West Norfolk Ridge, 521-539 metres K
  • Venustatrochus youngi B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Height 41.2mm, Diameter 40.2mm, Marine
    Eastern Chatham Rise, east of Chatham Islands, 900-1200 metres M
  • Falsimargarita callista B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Height 13mm, Diameter 12.1mm, Marine
    Bounty Plateau, 532-726 metres An
  • Falsimargarita challengerica B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Length 6.2mm, Marine
    Western slope of Challenger Plateau, 1760-1799 metres
  • Falsimargarita eximia B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Height 8.5mm, Marine
    Off Auckland Islands, 465-549 metres An
  • Falsimargarita tangaroa B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Height 22mm, Diameter 16.4mm, Marine
    West Norfolk Ridge and Three Kings Rise, 800-1365 metres A
  • Fautrix candida B.A. Marshall, 1995
    Width 13mm, Height 14mm, Marine
    Wanganella Bank, southern Norfolk Ridge, 356 metres. Off Three Kings Islands, 200-805 metres. Also off southern New Caledonia, 470-550 metres A
  • Phenacomargarites incomptus B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Width 33mm, Height 29.2mm, Marine
    Southern Norfolk Ridge and Chatham Rise, 823-1488 metres KM
  • Phenacomargarites titan B.A. Marshall, 2016
    Height 50mm, Width 49mm, Marine
    Southern Norfolk Ridge and Colville Ridge, 526-660 metres K
  • Selastele kopua (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Width 4.9mm, Height 5.3mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Cape Campbell and off eastern Otago, 424-600 metres CFE.
  • Selastele limatulum (B.A. Marshall, 1995)
    Width 5.5mm, Height 8mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Three Kings Islands and off Cape Reinga, 91-805 metres AE.
  • Selastele onustum (Odhner, 1924)
    Height 9mm, Width 5mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Three Kings Islands and off Cape Reinga, 55-310 metres AE.
  • Margarella expansa (G. B. Sowerby I, 1838)
    Sub-Antarctic Islands An
  • Margarella macquariensis Hedley, 1916
    Width 11mm, Height 11mm, Marine, Endemic
    Macquarie Island AnE.
  • Carinastele coronata B.A. Marshall, 1988
    Width 2.45mm, Height 1.9mm, Marine, Endemic
    Far North, NW of Three Kings Islands, 805 metres AE.
  • Carinastele jugosa B.A. Marshall, 1988
    Height 11.3mm, Width 9.8mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Auckland Islands, 549 metres AnE.
  • Carinastele kristelleae B.A. Marshall, 1988
    Height 10mm, Width 8.7mm, Marine, Endemic
    Cook Strait and Macquarie Ridge, 126-274 metres CAnE.
  • Thysanodonta aucklandica B.A. Marshall, 1988
    Height 10.5mm, Width 8.2mm, Marine, Endemic
    Off Auckland and Antipodes Islands, 476-549 metres AnE.
  • Thysanodonta wairua B.A. Marshall, 1988
    Marine, Endemic
    Off Three Kings Islands, 98-805 metres AE.
Key to Geographical Ranges
NZ Map showing Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approximation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
Fw =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
R =
Sf =
Fo =