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Key to Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
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Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > Vetigastropoda (Subclass) > Trochida (Order) > Trochoidea (Superfamily) > Skeneidae (Family)
Genus: Aequispirellamap >
Aequispirella corulum (Hutton, 1885)
Width 1mm, Height 1.5mm
Northland to Bay of Plenty, Cook Strait and off Lyttelton [AC]
Height 1.17mm, Width 1.0mm
Off Auckland Islands [An]
Aequispirella finlayi Powell, 1933
Height 1.3mm, Width 0.95mm
Three Kings to Chatham Islands [AM]
Genus: Brookulamap >
Brookula annectens Powell, 1937
Height 1.1mm, Width 1.2mm
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Height 1.2mm, Width 1.0mm
Cook Strait, to Taiaroa Canyon, off Otago Peninsula [CF]
Brookula contigua Powell, 1940
Height 0.8mm, Width 1.0mm
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Brookula prognata Finlay, 1927
Height 0.9mm, Width 0.95mm
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Genus: Bruceiellamap >
Bruceiella laevigata Marshall, 1994
Height 1.7mm, Diameter 1.5mm, Endemic
NE of Chatham Islands, 1242 metres on whalebone [M]
Bruceiella pruinosa Marshall, 1994
Width 1.4mm, Height 1.7mm, Endemic
Challenger Plateau, on whalebone, 908-912 metres [C]
Genus: Cirsonellamap >
Width 1.2mm, Height 0.8mm, Endemic
North Island. Off Northland 10-20 metres [A]
Width 2.3mm, Height 1.8mm, Endemic
South Island. From off Lyttelton to off Auckland and Shares Islands [CFAn]
Cirsonella laxa Powell, 1937
Width 1.3mm, Height 0.8mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, Mahia and Snares Islands [ACAn]
Cirsonella maoria (Powell, 1937)
Width 1.7mm, Height 1.3mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, 260 metres [A]
Cirsonella paradoxa Powell, 1937
Width 1.5mm, Height 1mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, 260 metres [A]
Cirsonella parvula Powell, 1926
Width 0.9mm, Height 0.8mm, Endemic
South Island, Off Lyttelton [CFAn]
Cirsonella pisiformis Powell, 1937
Width 1.5mm, Height 1.3mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, 260 metres [A]
Width 3mm, Height 2.5mm, Endemic
Off South Island East Coast, and off Chatham Islands [FM]
Width 0.9mm, Height 0.6mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, 250 metres. Chalky Sound, 12 metres [AF]
Height 0.7mm, Width 0.9mm, Endemic
Off North Cape [A]
Genus: Dillwynellamap >
Dillwynella haptricola Marshall, 1988
Height 3.2mm, Diameter 3.6mm, Endemic
Central NZ, deep. South of Castlepoint, Chatham Islands [CM]
Dillwynella ingens Marshall, 1988
Height 4.8mm, Diameter 5.65mm, Endemic
North & central NZ, Chatham Islands, deep [ACM]
Dillwynella lignicola Marshall, 1988
Height 3.5mm, Diameter 4.05mm, Endemic
N & central NZ, Chatham Islands, deep, living on wood [ACM]
Genus: Liotellamap >
Liotella aupouria Powell, 1937
Height 0.6mm, Width 1.2mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Liotella indigens Finlay, 1927
Height 0.55mm, Width 0.95mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands and Northland [A]
Liotella mackenae Dell, 1956
Height 1.3mm, Width 1.6mm
Off Chatham Islands [M]
Liotella polypleura (Hedley, 1904)
Height 0.6mm, Width 0.9mm
Throughout NZ and offshore islands [ACFMAn]
Liotella rotula (Suter, 1908)
Height 1.0mm, Width 1.7mm
From Three Kings Islands to Snares and Auckland Islands [ACFAn]
Genus: Lissotestamap >
Lissotesta ambigua Dell, 1956
Height 2.4mm, Width 1.9mm, Endemic
Off eastern Otago and Chatham Islands [FM]
Lissotesta aupouria Powell, 1937
Height 1.9mm, Width 1.9mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Lissotesta benthicola Powell, 1927
Height 1.3mm, Width 1.0mm, Endemic
SW Otago [FAn]
Lissotesta bicarinata Powell, 1940
Height 0.6mm, Width 0.75mm, Endemic
Far North [A]
Lissotesta conoidea Powell, 1937
Height 1.4mm, Width 1.0mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Lissotesta decipiens Powell, 1940
Height 1.4mm, Width 1.4mm, Endemic
North, South and Chatham Islands [ACFM]
Lissotesta errata Finlay, 1927
Height 1.4mm, Width 1.3mm, Endemic
Off eastern Otago, Chatham Rise and Snares Islands [FMAn]
Lissotesta granum (Murdoch & Suter, 1906)
Width 1.8mm, Height 1.8mm, Endemic
North Island. Off Great Barrier Island, 200 metres [A]
Lissotesta oblata Powell, 1940
Height 0.63mm, Width 0.9mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, and Northland [A]
Height 2.2mm, Width 2.0mm
Off eastern Otago [F]
Genus: Lissotestellamap >
Lissotestella caelata (Powell, 1937)
Height 0.85mm, Width 0.8mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Height 0.85mm, Width 0.7mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Height 1.23mm, Width 1.0mm, Endemic
North Island, Cook Strait [C]
Height 1.53mm, Width 1.2mm, Endemic
Off eastern Otago, and off Auckland Islands [FAn]
Height 1.46mm, Width 1.46mm, Endemic
Off eastern Otago, off Chatham and Auckland Islands [FMAn]
Height 2.23mm, Width 2.25mm, Endemic
North Island [A]
Genus: Lodderenamap >
Lodderena formosa Powell, 1930
Height 0.75mm, Width 1.4mm, Endemic
Three Kings Islands to Northland [A]
Lodderena nana Powell, 1930
Height 0.46mm, Width 0.72mm, Endemic
Northland [A]
Lodderena nana pooki Fleming, 1948
Height 0.64mm, Width 0.8mm, Endemic
Fiordland [F]
Genus: Lodderiamap >
Lodderia eumorpha (Suter, 1908)
Height 1.3mm, Width 1.7mm, Endemic
Snares and Auckland Islands [FAn]
Height 1.1mm, Width 1.2mm, Endemic
Mernoo Bank, Chatham Rise [CM]
Lodderia iota Powell, 1940
Height 0.55mm, Width 0.65mm, Endemic
Off Northland [A]
Lodderia waitemata Powell, 1940
Width 0.5mm, Height 0.5mm, Endemic
North Island. Auckland. In shell sand and on seaweed from low tide [A]
Genus: Microcarinamap >
Microcarina crenulata Powell, 1937
Height 0.4mm, Width 1.1mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Genus: Notosetiamap >
Notosetia aoteana (Powell, 1937)
Height 1.2mm, Width 1.0mm, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands [A]
Notosetia neozelanica (Suter, 1898)
Height 2.15mm, Width 1.5mm, Endemic
From Mahia, North Is, South Is, Stewart, Snares, Auckland, Antipodes, Bounty and Chatham Islands [CFMAn]
Genus: Palazziamap >
Palazzia nautiliformis (Powell, 1927)
Height 0.3mm, Width 0.62mm, Endemic
Off SW Otago [F]
Palazzia ramosa (Powell, 1940)
Width 0.8mm, Height 0.5mm, Endemic
Off North Cape, 135 metres [A]
Genus: Philorenemap >
Philorene texturata Oliver, 1915
Width 2mm, Endemic
Kermadec Islands [K.]
Genus: Tasmocrosseamap >
Height 1.05mm, Width 0.97mm, Endemic
Tasman Sea [C]
Genus: Trenchiamap >
Trenchia wolffi Knudsen, 1964
Kermadec Islands [K.]
Genus: Xyloskeneamap >
Xyloskenea consors Marshall, 1988
Width 2.05mm, Height 1.8mm, Endemic
Cape Runaway to Timaru and Chatham Rise, 450-810 metres. Alive on wood [ACFM]
Xyloskenea costulifera Marshall, 1988
Width 2.2mm, Height 1.7mm, Endemic
White Island, Bay of Plenty, to Oamaru, and Chatham Islands, 800-1723 metres. Alive on wood [ACFM]
Xyloskenea depressa Marshall, 1988
Width 2mm, Height 1.2mm, Endemic
Off White Island, Bay of Plenty, 1075-1100 metres. Alive on wood [A]
Genus: Zalipaismap >
Zalipais benthicola Powell, 1927
Height 0.5mm, Width 0.9mm, Endemic
Off Otago and off Snares Islands [FAn]
Zalipais lissa (Suter, 1908)
Height 0.6mm, Width 1.0mm, Endemic
Northland to Otago, and Chatham Islands [ACFMAn]
Zalipais turneri Powell, 1939
Height 0.75mm, Width 0.6mm, Endemic
Stewart Island [F]