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Key to Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
FW =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
Gastropoda - Pulmonata - Stylommatophora - Family: Zonitidae



Genus: Oxychilus

Oxychilus alliarius (Miller, 1822)
Height 3.5mm, Width 7mm, Introduced. Native in northern and western Europe. Introduced into Greenland, North America, St Helena, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
North and South Island [L.N.S.I.]
Oxychilus cellarius (Müller, 1774) (=Suterilla novarae Pfeiffer)
Height 6mm, Width 14mm, Introduced. Native to western and central Europe and the western Mediterranean. Introduced to Scandinavia, North America, South America, the Philippines, South Africa, St. Helena, Australia and New Zealand
North and South Island [L.N.S.I.]
Oxychilus draparnaudi (Beck, 1837) (Flammulina alpina Suter in Hutton)
Height 6mm, Width 15mm, Introduced. Native to western Europe and the Mediterranean. Introduced to Russia, North America, South and North Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand
North and South Island [L.N.S.I.]

Genus: Vitrea

Vitrea crystallina (Müller, 1774)
Height 2mm, Width 4mm, Introduced. Throughout the British Isles, western and central Europe, Scandinavia, and northern Africa. Introduced to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand
North and South Island [L.N.S.I.]