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Key to Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
FW =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
Bivalvia - Heterodonta - Lucinida - Family: Thyasiridae

Thyasiridae: Thyasirinae


Genus: Genaxinus

Genaxinus cookianus Fleming, 1950
Width 1mm, Height 1.1mm
North, South and Chatham Islands. From about 50 metres to over 500 metres [ACFME.]
Genaxinus otagoensis (Suter, 1913)
Width 4.5mm, Height 4.5mm
South Island. Off Otago Heads to Fiordland, 25 to over 100 metres [FE.]

Genus: Maorithyas

Maorithyas flemingi Powell, 1955
Width 5.5mm, Height 6.5mm
Off Auckland and Campbell Islands [AnE.]
Maorithyas marama Fleming, 1950
Width 18mm, Height 17mm
Lower North Island, South and Stewart Island. Waikanae Beach, Wellington south [CFE.]

Genus: Parathyasira

Width 9mm, Height 9mm
Off North Cape to Otago, trawled 60 to over 600 metres [ACFE.]

Genus: Thyasira

Thyasira peregrina (Iredale, 1930)
Width 8.5mm, Height 10mm
Cook Strait southwards and Chatham Rise. From 3 to around 600 metres [CFME.]
Thyasira waikanae Fleming, 1950
Width 7.5mm, Height 7.8mm
Waikanae Beach, Wellington [CE.]