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Key to Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
FW =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
Gastropoda - Caenogastropoda - Architaenioglossa - Family: Pupinidae

Pupinidae: Liareinae


Genus: Cytora

Cytora annectens (Powell, 1948)
Height 4.3mm, Width 3.4mm
Three Kings Isands [L.E.]
Cytora aranea (Powell, 1928)
Height 3.0mm, Width 1.5mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Cytora brooki Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 5.6mm, Width 5.6mm
North Island. SE of Cape Reinga, Far North [L.N.E.]
Cytora calva (Hutton, 1883)
Height 3.25mm, Width 2.0mm
South Island [L.S.E.]
Cytora chiltoni (Suter, 1896)
Height 3.0mm, Width 2.25mm
South Island [L.S.E.]
Cytora climoi Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.7mm
South Island. NW of Collingwood [L.S.E.]
Cytora cytora (Gray, 1850)
Height 2.6mm, Width 2.25mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Cytora depressa Gardner, 1968
Height 2.25mm, Width 4.0mm
South Island, Nelson region [L.S.E.]
Cytora fasciata (Suter, 1894)
Height 2.5mm, Width 1.9mm
North Island, from Northland and west coast between Raglan and Mt Taranaki [L.N.E.]
Cytora filicosta (Powell, 1948)
Height 4.2mm, Width 2.9mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Cytora gardneri Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.0mm
Far North [L.N.E.]
Cytora goulstonei Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 3.7mm
Northland. Kaikohe to Kaitaia [L.N.E.]
Cytora hazelwoodi Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.03mm
Northeastern North Island. Coromandel Range and Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park [L.N.E.]
Cytora hedleyi (Suter, 1894)
Height 2.4mm, Width 2.3mm
Northern North Island, from Wellsford to Waikato and Bay of Plenty [L.N.E.]
Cytora hirsutissima (Powell, 1951)
Height 7.0mm, Width 7.0mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Cytora hispida Gardner, 1967
Height 3.5mm, Width 1.75mm
North Island, northern Aupouri Peninsula [L.N.E.]
Cytora houhora Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 3.8mm
North Island. Mount Camel, Houhora [L.N.E.]
Cytora jamiesoni Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 3.75mm, Width 3.75mm
Northwestern South Island, from Cape Farewell to Karamea [L.S.E.]
Cytora kahurangi Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 4.1mm
Northwest South Island. E of Cape Farewell [L.S.E.]
Cytora kakano Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 3.95mm
Northwestern South Island. NE of Westport [L.S.E.]
Cytora kamura Marshall & Barker, 2007 (=lignaria of authors)
Height 4.0mm, Width 5.0mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Cytora kerrana Gardner, 1968
Height 4.2mm
North Island, northern Aupouri Peninsula [L.N.E.]
Cytora lignaria (Pfeiffer, 1857) (=ampla)
Height 6.5mm
North Island, northern Aupouri Peninsula [L.N.E.]
Cytora malleata Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 6.45mm
North Island, eastern Northland, from Bay of Islands south to Whangarei [L.N.E.]
Cytora maui Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.9mm
North Island, from Northland to Wanganui and Eketahuna [L.N.E.]
Cytora mayhillae Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 4.35mm
Southwest South Island, from Lake Ianthe to Preservation Inlet [L.S.E.]
Cytora minor Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 1.5mm
Western central North Island, between Raglan and Awakino [L.N.E.]
Cytora motu Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.8mm
Poor Knights Islands [L.N.E.]
Cytora pakotai Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.2mm
North Island, N of Dargaville [L.N.E.]
Cytora pallida (Hutton, 1883)
Height 6.0mm, Width 4.0mm
Northern North Island, from Doubtless Bay to Auckland [L.N.E.]
Cytora pannosa (Hutton, 1883)
Height 4.0mm, Width 3.25mm
Western South Island, from Cape Farewell to Haast [L.S.E.]
Cytora paparoa Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 3.2mm
South Island. South of Westport [L.S.E.]
Cytora parrishi Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.65mm
North Island. Northland, from Karikari Peninsula and Doubtless Bay [L.N.E.]
Cytora rakiura Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.0mm
Stewart Island. East of Port Pegasus [L.S.E.]
Cytora septentrionalis (Suter, 1907)
Height 4.0mm, Width 3.0mm
Northern North Island, from Doubtless Bay to Waipu Caves, Hunua Ranges, Coromandel Range and northern Kaimai Mamaku State Forest Park [L.N.E.]
Cytora solitaria (Powell, 1935) (=kiama Climo)
Height 4.0mm, Width 4.2mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Cytora taipa Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 1.8mm
North Island. E side of Taipa River estuary, NE of Kaitaia [L.N.E.]
Cytora tawhiti Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 1.8mm
Auckland Islands [L.AnE.]
Cytora tepakiensis Gardner, 1967
Height 3.75mm, Width 2.0mm
North Island, northern Aupouri Peninsula [L.N.E.]
Cytora tokerau Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.6mm
North Island, Northland, Hunua Ranges, Great Barrier Island, Coromandel Peninsula, Mercury Islands [L.N.E.]
Cytora torquillum (Suter, 1894)
Height 2.5mm, Width 1.75mm
Northern North Island, from northwestern Northland to west of Waimarama, south of Hastings [L.N.E.]
Cytora tuarua Marshall & Barker, 2007
Height 2.85mm
South Island and Stewart Island [L.S.E.]

Genus: Liarea

Liarea aupouria Powell, 1954
Height 13mm, Width 6mm
Far North, Northland [L.N.E.]
Liarea aupouria tara Powell, 1954
Height 10mm, Width 4mm
Far North, Northland [L.N.E.]
Liarea bicarinata (Suter, 1907)
Height 7mm, Width 5mm
Northland, Whangarei [L.N.E.]
Liarea egea (Gray, 1850)
Height 7mm, Width 4.5mm
North Island. Waikato and Rotorua, northward to Wellsford. Little Barrier and Chickens Islands [L.N.E.]
Height 10mm, Width 5mm
Northland. Warkworth to Mangamuka Gorge [L.N.E.]
Liarea hochstetteri (L.Pfeiffer, 1861)
Height 10mm, Width 6mm
Northland. Awanui to Hokianga, Bay of Islands and Wellsford [L.N.E.]
Height 13mm, Width 6mm
Whangarei, Northland [L.N.E.]
Liarea hochstetteri carinella (L.Pfeiffer, 1861)
Height 8mm, Width 5.5mm
North Island. Waitakere Range, Auckland, Kawau Island to Awakino Gorge [L.N.E.]
Liarea lepida (Suter, 1904)
Height 7.5mm, Width 4mm
North Island. Wellington to Levin [L.N.E.]
Liarea ornata Powell, 1954
Height 8.5mm, Width 5mm
North Island. North of Auckland [L.N.E.]
Liarea turriculata (L.Pfeiffer, 1855)
Height 11mm, Width 5mm
North Island. Northland, Auckland to Kaitaia [L.N.E.]
Height 8mm, Width 4.5mm
North Island, Warkworth [L.N.E.]
Height 10mm, Width 5mm
North Island. Waipoua Kauri Forest to Hokianga [L.N.E.]