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Key to Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
FW =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
Gastropoda - Pulmonata - Stylommatophora - Family: Punctidae

Punctidae: Laominae


Genus: Kokikora

Kokikora angulata Climo & Goulstone, 1995 (='Paralaoma' n.sp 38, =Punctid n.sp 38)
Width 2.4mm
North Island, and NW Nelson, coastal [L.N.S.E.]
Kokikora mimiwhangata Climo & Goulstone, 1995
Width 1.4mm
North Island, Northland [L.N.]

Genus: Kokopapa

Kokopapa bispathulata Climo & Mahlfeld, 2011 (Punctid sp.52, =regularis of authors not Pfeiffer)
Height 2.8mm, Width 3.65mm
Westland, South Island [L.S.E.]
Kokopapa matarua Climo & Mahlfeld, 2011 (Punctid sp.54)
Height 2.95mm, Width 3.25mm
South Island. Fiordland, Southland, Codfish Island [L.S.E.]
Kokopapa milleneri Climo & Mahlfeld, 2011 (Punctid sp.53)
Height 2.45mm, Width 2.8mm
South Island, NW Nelson to Oparara, Karamea [L.S.E.]
Kokopapa mokihinui Climo & Mahlfeld, 2011 (Punctid sp.55)
Height 2.3mm, Width 2.55mm
South Island, Karamea, northern Westland [L.S.E.]
Kokopapa rapahoe Climo & Mahlfeld, 2011
Height 3.45mm, Width 3.95mm
South Island, Westland, near Greymouth [L.S.E.]
Kokopapa unispathulata Climo & Mahlfeld, 2011 Punctid n.sp.50
Height 2.9mm, Width 3.1mm
North, South and Stewart Island [L.N.S.E.]

Genus: Laoma

Laoma ciliata Suter, 1894
Width 1.75mm, Height 2mm
North Island. Hawke's Bay and Bay of Plenty to Auckland [L.N.E.]
Laoma labyrinthica Powell, 1948
Width 2.4mm, Height 1.5mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Laoma leimonias (Gray, 1850)
Width 2mm, Height 3mm
North Island. Hawke's Bay to Waikato and south Auckland [L.N.E.]
Laoma mariae (Gray in Dieffenbach, 1843)
Width 8mm, Height 4.5mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Laoma mariae aupouria Cumber, 1967
Width 6mm, Height 3mm
North Island. Cape Maria van Diemen to North Cape [L.N.E.]
Laoma marina (Hutton, 1883)
Width 3.5mm, Height 2.3mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Laoma minuta Climo, 1971
Width 1.5mm
North Island. Poor Knights Islands [L.N.E.]

Genus: Laomarex

Laomarex minuta (Gardner, 1967)
Width 2.5mm, Height 1mm
North Island. Cape Reinga to Spirits Bay, Far North [L.N.E.]
Laomarex regia (Gardner, 1968)
Width 5.5mm, Height 2.2mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Laomarex sericea Powell, 1948
Width 3.3mm, Height 2mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]

Genus: Obanella

Obanella allanae Dell, 1952
Width 1.5mm, Height 0.7mm
South Island and Stewart Island [L.S.E.]
Obanella rimutaka Dell, 1952
North Island [L.N.E.]
Obanella spectabilis (Powell, 1928)
Width 1.5mm, Height 0.7mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]

Genus: Paralaoma

Paralaoma allochroida (Suter, 1890)
Width 1.5mm, Height 1mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Paralaoma ambigua Iredale, 1913
Kermadec Islands [L.K.E.]
Paralaoma buddlei Powell, 1951
Width 2.2mm, Height 1.4mm
Three Kings Islands [L.]
Width 1.5mm, Height 1mm
North, South and Stewart Island [L.N.S.E.]
Paralaoma manawatawhia Goulstone & Brook, 1999
Width 1.2mm, Height 0.8mm
Endemic to Great Island, Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Paralaoma miserabilis (Iredale, 1913)
Kermadec Islands and North Island [L.K.N.E.]
Paralaoma pagoda Climo, 1973
Height 1.5mm, Diameter 1.75mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Paralaoma pumila (Hutton, 1883)
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Paralaoma raki Goulstone & Brook, 1999 (=P.lateumbilicata Powell, not Suter)
Width 1.1mm, Height 0.8mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Paralaoma raricostata (Suter, 1890)
Width 2mm, Height 1mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Paralaoma regia Powell, 1948
Width 1.7mm, Height 0.85mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Paralaoma sericata (Suter, 1890)
Width 1.2mm, Height 0.7mm
North, South and Stewart Island [L.N.S.E.]
Width 1mm, Height 0.75mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Paralaoma servilis (Shuttleworth, 1852) (=caputspinulae Reeve, =raoulensis Iredale)
Kermadec Islands, North and South Island [L.K.N.S.]
Paralaoma thomsoni (Suter, 1917)
Width 1.9mm, Height 1.3mm
South Island [L.S.E.]
Paralaoma turbotti Powell, 1948
Width 1.6mm, Height 1mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]

Genus: Pasmaditta

Pasmaditta jungermanniae (Petterd, 1879)
North and South Island [L.N.S.]

Genus: Phrixgnathus

Phrixgnathus alfredi (Suter, 1909)
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.6mm
North Island. Auckland [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus ariel Hutton, 1883
Width 3.25mm, Height 2.5mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Phrixgnathus blacki Powell, 1951
Width 1.8mm, Height 1.9mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Phrixgnathus brunneus Climo & Goulstone, 1993 'Phrixgnathus' n.sp.40
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.3mm
North Island. Great Barrier Island down to north Volcanic Plateau [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus celia Hutton, 1883
Width 3.8mm, Height 2.5mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.E.]
Width 4.5mm, Height 3mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus clathratus (Gardiner, 1972)
Width 2mm, Height 1.5mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus cognatus (Suter, 1909)
Width 2.2mm, Height 1.7mm
Campbell Island, on Dracophyllum [L.AnE.]
Width 1.4mm, Height 1.3mm
North Island. Auckland [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus conellus (Pfeiffer, 1862)
Width 3.5mm, Height 2.8mm
North Island [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus douglasi Climo & Goulstone, 1993 (=Phrixgnathus francesci Webster)
Height 1.8mm, Width 1.5mm
North Island. Te Kao down to South Auckland [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus erigone (Gray, 1850)
Width 2mm, Height 2.25mm
North Island. Northland to Waikato [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus fatuus (Pfeiffer, 1857)
North Island [L.N.E.]
Width 1.8mm, Height 1.3mm
North Island. Waikato [L.N.E.]
Width 3.8mm, Height 1.9mm
Snares Island [L.An]
Width 3.3mm, Height 2mm
Stewart Island [L.S.]
Width 2.6mm, Height 1.6mm
South Island [L.S.]
Width 3.2mm, Height 2mm
North Island. Waitakere Ranges, W of Auckland [L.N.]
Phrixgnathus glabriusculus (Pfeiffer, 1853)
Width 3.5mm, Height 2mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.]
Phrixgnathus haasti Hutton, 1883
Width 3mm, Height 1.8mm
South Island. Mount Somers, W of Methven [L.S.]
Phrixgnathus hamiltoni (Suter, 1896)
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.3mm
Macquarie Island [L.An]
Width 3mm, Height 1.8mm
Snares Islands [L.S.]
Phrixgnathus larochei (Powell, 1928)
Width 2.3mm, Height 2.3mm
North Island. Hokianga, Northland [L.N.]
Phrixgnathus levis (Suter, 1913)
Under moist broadleaf litter, often associated with limestone ledges
North Island. Pipiriki, N of Wanganui, to Port Waikato [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus liratulus (Suter, 1909)
Width 4.2mm, Height 3mm
Stewart Island [L.S.E.]
Phrixgnathus lucidus (Suter, 1896)
Width 3mm, Height 2mm
North Island, near Auckland [L.N.E.]
Width 3.8mm, Height 2.5mm
South Island. Greymouth [L.S.E.]
Width 1.7mm, Height 1.3mm
North and South Island [L.N.S.]
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.5mm
North Island. Northland to Auckland. Mount Wellington lava fields [L.N.]
Width 6.5mm, Height 3mm
North Island. Hokianga [L.N.E.]
Width 3mm
Poor Knights Islands [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus phrynia Hutton, 1883
Width 3.5mm, Height 2.4mm
North, South and Stewart Islands [L.N.S.E.]
Width 2mm, Height 1.9mm
North Island. Mt Pirongia, Waikato [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus poecilosticta (Pfeiffer, 1853)
Width 4mm, Height 3.3mm
North Island. Hokianga to Wellington [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus powelli (Climo, 1971)
Width 2.2mm
Poor Knights Islands [L.N.E.]
Width 2.3mm, Height 1.2mm
Stewart Island. Native Island, Paterson Inlet [L.S.E.]
Width 2.4mm, Height 1.5mm
Solander Island, Foveaux Strait [L.S.E.]
Phrixgnathus ruforadiatus (Gardner, 1972)
Width 1.8mm, Height 1.3mm
North Island. Kaeo to Waipoua Forest, Northland [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus sciadium (Pfeiffer, 1857)
Width 6.1mm, Height 3.3mm
Northland [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus sorenseni (Powell, 1955)
Width 2.7mm, Height 1.3mm
Campbell Island [L.AnE.]
Phrixgnathus spiralis (Suter, 1896)
Width 3.3mm, Height 2mm
South Island. Pelorus Sound [L.S.E.]
Phrixgnathus subariel Powell, 1948
Width 2.8mm, Height 1.9mm
Three Kings Islands [L.E.]
Width 3mm, Height 2mm
North Island. Waitakere, W of Auckland [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus titania Hutton, 1883
Width 3.5mm, Height 2.5mm
South Island. Dunedin [L.S.E.]
Phrixgnathus trailli (Suter, 1909)
Width 4.5mm, Height 3.2mm
Width 3mm, Height 2.5mm
North Island. Northland to Thames [L.N.E.]
Phrixgnathus viridulus (Suter, 1909)
Width 2.4mm, Height 1.8mm
South Island. Near Reefton [L.S.E.]
Width 2.6mm, Height 1.8mm
South Island. Fiordland [L.S.E.]
Phrixgnathus waipoua (Gardner, 1969)
Width 1.5mm, Height 2mm
North Island. Waipoua Forest, Northland [L.N.E.]

Genus: Taguahelix

Taguahelix antipodensis (Powell, 1955)
Width 2.1mm, Height 1.3mm
Antipodes Islands [L.AnE.]
Taguahelix campbellica (Filhol, 1880)
Width 3mm, Height 2mm
Campbell and Auckland Islands [L.AnE.]
Taguahelix crispata Climo & Goulstone, 1993 Punctid n.sp.17
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.9mm, Aerial habitat, found on trunks under bark and in living nikau boles as well as on the ground
North Island, Far North to Huntly and northern Waikato region [L.N.E.]
Taguahelix delicatula (Powell, 1955)
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.5mm
Auckland Islands [L.AnE.]
Taguahelix elaiodes (Webster, 1904)
Width 3mm, Height 2mm
North Island. Northland down to Waikato region [L.N.E.]
Taguahelix francesci (Webster, 1904) 'Paralaoma' n.sp.aff.33, Punctid n.sp.7
Width 2mm, Height 1.75mm
North Island. Auckland to Bay of Plenty [L.N.E.]
Taguahelix hirsuta (Powell, 1955)
Width 2.5mm, Height 1.6mm
Auckland Islands [L.AnE.]
Width 4mm, Height 3mm
South Island, Otago to Fiordland. Campbell and Auckland Islands [L.AnS.E.]