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Key to Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
FW =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
Gastropoda - Caenogastropoda - Neogastropoda - Family: Muricidae

Muricidae: Muricinae


Genus: Chicoreus

Chicoreus ramosus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Tropical Indo-Pacific. Occasional records from Tauranga and Takou Bay, Northland [A]

Genus: Phyllocoma (Galfridus)

Height 16mm, Width 7mm, Dredged or found in shell-sand
Northland to Bay of Plenty [AE.]

Genus: Timbellus

Timbellus bilobatus Houart, 2012 (=sp.cf. richeri Houart & Héros)
Kermadec Islands to New Caledonia [K.]
Timbellus flemingi (Beu, 1967)
Height 21mm, Width 13mm
Trawled off Three Kings Islands, and Northland to Palliser Bay [ACE.]
Timbellus richeri (Houart, 1987)
Length 28mm
North Island, E. of Poor Knights Islands. Also off New Caledonia [A]

Muricidae: Coralliophilinae


Genus: Babelomurex

Babelomurex lischkeanus (Dunker, 1882)
Height 62mm, Width 41mm
North Island, Outer Hauraki Gulf to Bay of Plenty and New Plymouth. Also Japan, South China Sea, Philippines and Queensland to Victoria, Australia [K.A]
Babelomurex nakamigawai (Kuroda, 1959)
Height 35mm, Width 24mm
Cavalli Seamount, ENE of North Cape, 470-480 metres. Also off Japan, South China Sea, Philippines and Australia [A]
Babelomurex wormaldi (Powell, 1971)
Height 22mm, Width 18mm
Northland to Bay of Plenty. Also Kermadec Islands, Philippine Islands and South-West Pacific. Approximately 160-650 metres [A]

Genus: Coralliophila

Height 26mm, Width 19mm
Kermadec Islands. Off Poor Knights Islands, Northland [K.A]
Coralliophila monodonta (Blainville, 1832) (=madreporarum G.B.Sowerby I)
Height 30mm
Kermadec Islands [K.]
Coralliophila radula (A.Adams, 1855)
Length 28mm, Width 21mm
Kermadec Islands [K.]
Coralliophila sertata (Hedley, 1903)
Height 22mm, Width 12mm
Off Three Kings Islands and Northland to East Cape [K.A]
Coralliophila solutistoma Kuroda & Shikama in Shikama, 1966
Length 27mm, Width 16mm
Kermadec Islands [K.]
Height 13.75, Width 8mm
Kermadec Islands and northern NZ [K.AE.]
Coralliophila squamosissima (E.A.Smith, 1876) (=Neothais clathrata Willan not A.Adams, =sertata Brook & Marshall not Hedley)
Height 30mm, Width 21mm
South Africa, Indo-West Pacific, Australia, Kermadec Islands and Northland east coast [K.A]

Genus: Emozamia

Emozamia licina (Hedley & Petterd, 1906)
Height 20mm, Width 14mm
Northland to Bay of Plenty. Also New South Wales to Tasmania, Australia, Japan, Philippines [A]

Genus: Hirtomurex

Hirtomurex marshalli Oliverio, 2008
Length 26mm, Width 15mm
Norfolk Ridge, 276-513 metres. NW of Cape Reinga, Far North, 570-580 metres. Cavalli Seamount, ENE of North Cape, 840-850 metres [K.A]
Hirtomurex nakamurai Kosuge, 1985
Height 38mm, Width 23mm
Japan and Australia. Southern Norfolk Ridge, NW of Cape Reinga, Far North, 514-540 metres [A]
Hirtomurex tangaroa Marshall & Oliverio, 2009
Height 26mm, Width 16mm
Southern Kermadec Ridge, 698-1140 metres. Off Hokianga, 1029-1074 metres [K.AE.]
Hirtomurex taranui Marshall & Oliverio, 2009
Height 32mm, Width 17mm
Off Gisborne, 750-913 metres. E of Mercury Island, 990-1100 metres. Southern Kermadec Ridge, 712-924 metres [AE.]

Genus: Latiaxis

Latiaxis pilsbryi Hirase, 1908
Width 7.7mm, Height 5.2mm
Western Pacific, Kermadec Islands, 366-422 metres [K.]

Genus: Leptoconchus

Height 22.3mm, Width 19.4mm
Off Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands [K.]

Genus: Magilus

Magilus sp. cf. antiquus Montfort, 1810
Height 18.5mm, Width 21mm
Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands, beach [K.]

Genus: Mipus

Mipus matsumotoi Kosuge, 1985
Height 26.5mm, Width 11.5mm
Southern Japan, South Africa and tropical W Pacific. Norfolk Ridge and Kermadec Islands, 465-756 metres [K.]

Genus: Rhizochilus

Height 12.7mm, Width 7.9mm
Kermadec Islands [K.]

Muricidae: Ergalataxinae


Genus: Maculotriton

Maculotriton serriale (Deshayes, 1834)
Kermadec Islands [K.]

Genus: Morula

Morula palmeri Powell, 1967
Height 22mm, Width 12mm
Kermadec Islands, Northland east coast, down to Bay of Plenty and off East Cape [K.A]

Genus: Oppomorus

Oppomorus nodulifera (Menke, 1829) (=chaidea Duclos)
Height 19mm, Width 13mm
Northland east coast. Also New South Wales, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, New Caledonia and Kermadec Islands [K.A]

Genus: Uttleya

Uttleya ahiparana (Powell, 1927)
Height 20mm, Width 8mm
Northland. Dredged around 30-40 metres [AE.]
Uttleya marwicki Powell, 1952
Height 20mm, Width 8mm
Cook Strait area [CE.]
Uttleya williamsi Powell, 1952
Height 11mm, Width 3.5mm
North Island, Bay of Plenty [AE.]

Muricidae: Haustrinae


Genus: Haustrum

Haustrum albomarginatum (Deshayes, 1839)
Throughout NZ [ACFME.]
Haustrum haustorium (Gmelin, 1791)
Height 65mm, Width 45mm, Brown Rock Shell
North, South and Chatham Islands [ACME.]
Haustrum lacunosum (Bruguière, 1789)
Height 40mm, Width 25mm, Lamellose within the grooves
Cook Strait south, Stewart Island, Auckland and Chatham Islands [CFMAnE.]
Haustrum scobina (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833) (=albomarginatum Deshayes)
Height 34mm, Width 20mm
Throughout New Zealand and the Chatham Islands [ACFME.]

Muricidae: Muricopsinae


Genus: Favartia

Favartia garrettii (Pease, 1868) (=Hexaplex puniceus Oliver)
Height 15mm
Pacific, Hawaii, Kermadec Islands [K.]

Genus: Murexsul

Murexsul espinosus (Hutton, 1885)
Height 35mm, Width 17mm
Late Pliocene to early Pleistocene, eastern North Island between Hastings and Cape Palliser. Recent from Ranfurly Bank, off East Cape to off Mahia Peninsula [ACE.]
Murexsul mariae Finlay, 1930 (=espinosus)
Height 29mm, Width 14mm
Three Kings Islands, North Island as far south as East Cape [AE.]
Murexsul octogonus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833) (=cuvierensis Finlay)
Height 89mm, Width 48mm, Octagonal Murex
Three Kings and North Island down to Kapiti Island and Mahia Peninsula [ACE.]
Murexsul profunda (Marshall & Burch, 2000)
Height 10.5mm
Off Three Kings Islands, 91-710 metres [AE.]

Genus: Rolandiella

Rolandiella scotti (Marshall & Burch, 2000)
Height 60mm, Width 32mm
Three Kings Islands and NE North Island, 13-168 metres, living 8-40 metres [AE.]

Muricidae: Pagodulinae


Genus: Axymene

Axymene aucklandicus (E.A.Smith, 1902)
Height 13mm, Width 6.5mm
Cook Strait to Stewart Island. Snares, Bounty, Campbell and Auckland Islands [CFAnE.]
Axymene traversi (Hutton, 1873)
Height 19mm, Width 9mm
North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands [ACFME.]

Genus: Comptella

Comptella coronata Dell, 1956
Height 5.5mm, Width 2.2mm
South Island. Off Mernoo Bank to Chatham Islands [CME.]
Comptella curta (Murdoch, 1905)
Height 7mm, Width 3mm
South Island. Off Taiaroa Head, Otago, to Stewart Island. Snares, Campbell and Auckland Islands [FAnE.]
Comptella devia (Suter, 1908)
Height 7mm, Width 3mm
Snares Islands [AnE.]

Genus: Enixotrophon

Enixotrophon carduelis (Watson, 1883)
Height 40mm, Width 25mm
New South Wales, southern Lord Howe Rise, West Norfolk Ridge, Kermadec Ridge, and off north-eastern North Island, 320-1216 metres [K.AC]
Enixotrophon eos Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 45mm, Width 23mm
South-eastern North Island, south-eastern South Island and Chatham Rise, 1100-2130 metres [CFME.]
Enixotrophon eumorpha Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 24.6mm
Macquarie Ridge, 460-470 metres [An]
Enixotrophon hastula Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 53mm
Chatham Rise, 1000-1010 metres [ME.]
Enixotrophon lata Marshall & Houart, 2011 (=carduelis of authors not Watson)
Height 55mm, Width 32mm
Eastern Australia, Lord Howe Rise, Kermadec Ridge, Chatham Rise, and off North Island and north-eastern and western South Island, 384-1395 meters [K.ACFM]
Height 22mm, Width 10.5mm
Macquarie Ridge, 69-810 metres [AnE.]
Enixotrophon maxwelli Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 53mm, Width 22mm
West Norfolk Ridge, W of Cape Reinga, Challenger Plateau, off North and South Islands, Chatham Rise, Bounty Trough, 867-2677 metres [CFME.]
Enixotrophon obtusa Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 29mm
Fiji, West Norfolk Ridge, Southern Norfolk Ridge, Three Kings Rise, Kermadec Ridge, and off northern and eastern North Island, 741-1385 metres [K.AC]
Enixotrophon occidua Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 26mm, Width 11mm
West Norfolk Ridge, 950-987 metres [AE.]
Enixotrophon pygmaea Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 13mm
Lord Howe Rise and Challenger Plateau, 1029-1186 metres [C]
Enixotrophon tangaroa Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 37mm
North-eastern South Island and Chatham Rise, 880-2155 metres [CME.]
Enixotrophon venusta Marshall & Houart, 2011
Height 55mm, Width 21mm
Tasmania, West Norfolk Ridge S of Norfolk Island, Kermadec Ridge, and off northern and eastern North Island, Hikurangi Trench and Chatham Rise, 850-1239 metres [K.ACMAn]
Enixotrophon veronicae (Pastorino, 1999)
Height 52mm, Width 22mm
Southern Chile, Strait of Magellan, South Georgia, Tasmania and Bollons Plateau, southern New Zealand, 298-1281 metres [An]

Genus: Lenitrophon

Lenitrophon convexus (Suter, 1909)
Height 9mm, Width 4.5mm
Southern South Island. Stewart, Snares and Chatham Islands [FMAnE.]

Genus: Minortrophon

Height 3mm, Width 1.5mm
South Island. Off Taiaroa Head, Otago, to Stewart Island. Off Snares and Chatham Islands [FMAnE.]

Genus: Paratrophon

Paratrophon cheesemani (Hutton, 1882)
Height 19mm, Width 11mm
North Island west coast, from Ninety Mile Beach to Kawhia [ACE.]
Height 20mm, Width 12mm
West Coast North and South Islands from Port Waikato to Jackson Bay, south of Haast [CE.]
Paratrophon patens (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1854)
Height 24mm, Width 15mm, Lamellose within the grooves
South Island and Stewart Island. On exposed rocky shores [CFE.]
Paratrophon quoyi (Reeve, 1846) (=stangeri Powell)
Height 35mm, Width 18mm
North Island. From low tide, often around Corallina seaweed [ACE.]

Genus: Poirieria

Poirieria kopua Dell, 1956
Height 21mm, Width 15mm
Off Bay of Plenty southwards and Chatham Rise. Trawled around 500-1000 metres [CFME.]
Poirieria syrinx Marshall & Houart, 1995
Height 26mm, Width 24mm
Northland to Bay of Plenty, and Cook Strait, 482-786 metres on mud [ACE.]
Poirieria zelandica (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
Height 79mm, Width 86mm, Spiny Murex
Three Kings Islands to Stewart Island, Challenger Plateau and Chatham Islands, 0-540 metres [ACFME.]

Genus: Terefundus

Height 3.6mm, Width 2.1mm
South Island. Off Eastern Otago and Chatham Islands [FME.]
Height 5mm, Width 2.7mm
South Island. Off eastern Otago and Chatham Islands [FME.]
Terefundus crispulatus (Suter, 1908)
Height 4mm, Width 1.9mm
Lower South Island. Stewart Chathams and Snares Islands [FMAnE.]
Terefundus cuvierensis (Mestayer, 1919)
Height 4.5mm, Width 2mm
Northland to Bay of Plenty, trawled [AE.]
Height 4.4mm, Width 2.1mm
South Island, from Otago south, and Snares Islands [FAnE.]
Height 4.3mm, Width 2.3mm
Off Chatham Islands [ME.]

Genus: Xymene

Xymene huttoni (Murdoch, 1900)
Height 16mm, Width 7mm
North, South and Stewart Island [ACFE.]
Xymene plebius (Hutton, 1873)
Height 22mm, Width 11mm, In harbours and estuaries
North, South and Stewart Island [ACFE.]
Xymene pumilus (Suter, 1909)
Height 20mm, Width 10mm
From Cape Campbell to Stewart Island, and Auckland Islands. Sublittoral to about 550 metres [CFAnE.]
Xymene teres (Finlay, 1930)
Height 6mm, Width 3.3mm
South Island, off Taiaroa Head, Otago, 90 metres [FE.]
Xymene warreni Ponder, 1972
Height 20mm, Width 11mm
South Island West Coast [CE.]

Genus: Xymenella

Xymenella pusilla (Suter, 1907) (=gouldi of authors)
Height 10mm, 5mm
North Island and east coast of South Island to Stewart Island [ACFE.]

Genus: Zeatrophon

Zeatrophon ambiguus (Philippi, 1844)
Height 64mm, Width 38mm
North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. From low tide to about 50 fathoms [ACFME.]
Zeatrophon mortenseni (Odhner, 1924)
Height 14mm, Width 6.5mm
Off Auckland Islands, intertidal to about 10 metres [AnE.]
Height 23mm, Width 10mm
Northland to Stewart Island and Chatham Islands. From 20-200 metres [ACFME.]
Height 18mm, Width 7mm
North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. From 15-600 metres [ACFME.]

Muricidae: Rapaninae


Genus: Agnewia

Agnewia tritoniformis (Blainville, 1833)
Height 29mm, Width 16mm
Northland to Auckland. Also Australia, Queensland to SA and Tasmania [A]

Genus: Dicathais

Dicathais orbita (Gmelin, 1791)
Height 110mm, Width 70mm, White Rock Shell
Northland to northern South Island and Chatham Islands. Also Australia and Lord Howe Island [K.ACM]

Genus: Neothais

Neothais smithi (Brazier, 1889)
Height 34mm, Width 22mm
Northland east coast to Mayor Island, Bay of Plenty. Also Lord Howe, Norfolk and Kermadec Islands [K.A]

Genus: Rapana

Rapana venosa Valenciennes, 1847
Height 118mm, Width 85mm
In cray pots off Cape Maria van Diemen [A]

Muricidae: Tripterotyphinae


Genus: Ponderia

Ponderia zealandica Hutton, 1873
Height 30mm, Width 21mm
Cook Strait and off Cape Campbell, Bay of Plenty to East Cape. Castlecliff, Wanganui fossil [CE.]

Genus: Prototyphis

Prototyphis eos (Hutton, 1873)
Height 30mm, Width 16mm, Dawn Murex
Northland east coast to Bay of Plenty and East Cape [AE.]
Prototyphis paupereques (Powell, 1974)
Height 30mm, Width 19mm
Off northland east coast [AE.]

Muricidae: Trophoninae


Genus: Litozamia

Litozamia subtropicalis (Iredale, 1912)
Height 3mm
Kermadec Islands [K.E.]

Genus: Trophon

Trophon albolabratus E.A.Smith, 1875
Height 38mm, Width 22mm
Bounty Plateau, also Kerguelen and Macquarie Islands below low tide [AnE.]
Trophon mawsoni Powell, 1957
Height 46mm, Width 28mm
Off Macquarie Island, 29-549 metres [AnE.]

Muricidae: Typhinae


Genus: Monstrotyphis

Monstrotyphis montfortii (A.Adams, 1863)
Height 9.1mm
Northern Japan, Philippine Islands, Natal and Transkei, South Africa, and northern New Zealand, living at 50-200m [A]
Monstrotyphis pauperis (Mestayer, 1916)
Height 10mm, Width 6mm
Northland to Bay of Plenty [AE.]
Monstrotyphis tangaroa Houart & B.Marshall, 2012
Height 7.9mm
Northern New Zealand, 63-622 metres [AE.]

Genus: Siphonochelus

Siphonochelus solus Vella, 1961
Height 8mm, Width 4mm
Western and north-eastern North Island and north-western South Island, 178-1029 metres [ACE.]