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Taxonomic Checklist
Other non-Molluscan Phyla (Echinodermata, Brachiopoda etc) are being added to the checklist and photo sections of the website. This is to help identify species that may be mistaken for Mollusca, but actually are not.
Class Echinoidea
Sub Class Cidaroidea
Order Cidaroida
Eucidaris Pomel, 1883
metularia (Lamarck, 1816)
Goniocidaris (Aspidocidaris) Mortensen, 1928
corona Baker, 1968 A.C.F.M.E. photo
magi Pawson, 1964 A.C.E.
parasol Fell, 1958 A.C.F.M.An.E.
umbraculum Hutton, 1878 A.C.F.M.E.
Ogmocidaris Mortensen, 1921
benhami Mortensen, 1921 A.C.F.E.
Plococidaris Mortensen, 1909
verticillata (Lamarck, 1816)
Sub Class Euechinoidea
Order Camarodonta
Dermechinus Mortensen, 1942
horridus (A. Agassiz, 1879) K.A.C.F.M.An. photo
Echinus Linnaeus, 1758
multidentatus H.L. Clark, 1925 A.C.F.M.An.
Evechinus Verrill, 1871 Evechinus chloroticus (Valenciennes, 1846) (=Echinus Linnaeus)
chloroticus (Valenciennes, 1846) A.C.F.M.E. photo
Heliocidaris L. Agassiz & Desor, 1846
tuberculata (Lamarck, 1816) K.A.
Amblypheustes L. Agassiz, 1841
elevatus (Hutton, 1872) A. photo
Pseudechinus Mortensen, 1903
albocinctus (Hutton, 1872) C.F.E.
flemingi Fell, 1958 C.F.M.E.
huttoni Benham, 1908 A.C.F.E.
magellanicus (Philippi, 1857) An.
novaezelandiae (Mortensen, 1921) C.F.An.E.
Tripneustes L. Agassiz, 1841
gratilla (Linnaeus, 1758) (=fasciatus Lamarck, =angulosa Leske, =variegata Leske, =inflatus Blainville, =pentagonus Lamarck, =peronii Blainville, =virgatus  Des Moulins, =australiae Tenison-Woods, =nigricans A.Agassiz K.A.
Order Clypeasteroida
Clypeaster Lamarck, 1801
australasiae (Gray, 1851) K.A.
tumidus (Tenison-Woods, 1878)
Fellaster Durham, 1955
zelandiae (Gray, 1855) A.C.F. photo
Mortonia Gray, 1851
polyporus (Mortensen, 1921) K.A.E.
Jacksonaster Lambert in Lambert & Thiery, 1914
depressum (L.Agassiz, 1841) K.A.
Order Spatangoida
Brissus Gray, 1825
gigas H.B. Fell, 1947 A.E. photo
Paramaretia Mortensen, 1950
peloria (H.L.Clark, 1916) A.C.F.M.
Echinocardium Gray, 1825
cordatum Pennant, 1777 A.C.F.M.An. photo
Spatangus Gray, 1825
beryl Fell, 1963 F.E.
multispinus Mortensen, 1925 A.C.F.M.E.
Order Diadematoida
Centrostephanus Peters, 1855
rodgersii (A. Agassiz, 1864) K.A. photo
Diadema Gray, 1825
palmeri Baker, 1967 A.
Order Pedinoida
Caenopedina A. Agassiz, 1869
novaezelandiae Pawson, 1964 A.E.
otagoensis McKnight, 1968
porphyrogigas Anderson, 2009
pulchella (A. Agassiz & H.L. Clark, 1907)
Order Neognathostomata
Apatopygus Hawkins, 1920
recens (Milne Edwards, 1836) A.C.F.E. photo
Key to Geographical Ranges
NZ Map showing Geographical Ranges
The symbols K.A.C.F.M.An. are used to indicate the geographical range of the species. They have been adopted to give an approxomation of the range of each species within New Zealand.
Kermadec Islands
Aupourian - Kaipara Harbour, north around North Cape, encompassing the Three Kings Islands and south to East Cape
Cookian - Lower North Island and the northern part of the South Island
Forsterian - Otago, Fiordland and Stewart Island
Moriorian - Chatham Islands, Pitt Island
Antipodean - Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand
Fw =
L =
N =
North Island
S =
South Island
E =
I =
R =
Sf =
Fo =